Mar 15, 2009
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Crane Education

Sandhill cranes only visit the Central Valley between September and March.  They spend their days eating leftover grains, insects and small mammals in farm fields.  However, with the expansion of human development into prime farmlands, these birds are being threatened.  

No one will forget the first time they heard the cry of the returning Sandhill cranes to the valley.  Their primitive call and constant "family" chatter leave a warm and lasting impression.  These tall gray birds with red caps and black legs bring their young colts from their nesting sites in the far north to spend the winter here with us in the Central Valley.  If you want to watch them close in the early morning hours or before sunset, you have only to visit the Cosumnes River Preserve ( As they leave the ponds or water filled wetlands to begin feeding or as they settle for the night in the water for protection from predators, you will be rewarded with the experience of a life time.  

SOSCranes offers tours to see cranes and other migrating birds twice a month beginning in October through February.  See our calendar for dates and times.  We usually meet at the visitor's parking lot at the Cosumnes River Preserve at 2:00 pm.  Then we tour the ponds at the preserve and near sunset we might carpool to Staten Island to watch the birds settle for the night.  Some times they settle in for the night right at the preserve where we can easily see them.  These tours are free for families and birders alike.

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